Everyday carry flashlight – which one should I choose?

everyday carry flashlightEveryone should have an everyday carry flashlight (also known as an EDC flashlight).  For those of you not familiar with the term “everyday carry” it simply means anything you normally carry in your pockets or wear… wallets, knives, concealed carry pistols, watches, cell phones and of course, flashlights.

You just never know when you need an everyday carry flashlight for a wide variety of reasons.  (If you need proof read my posts here, here, and here.)  An everyday carry flashlight easily fits in a pocket along with your keys, knife, etc.  They are rugged and bright for their size.  An everyday carry flashlight are generally powered by a CR123A lithium battery or a AA battery.  Remember that an everyday carry flashlight powered by a lithium battery generally are brighter and have a longer battery life.

Almost every tactical flashlight manufacturer makes a variety of models suitable for everyday carry.  Here are ten different everyday carry flashlights for you to consider:

Fenix LD01

What Fenix says about the LD01:

Fenix LD01 is extremely small, not much bigger than the AAA cell it uses. It offers three levels of brightness: Medium -> Low -> High, which allows the user to select the best compromise between brightness and runtime for any given task.
Full info here



(click image to enlarge)

  • Cree XP-E LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Uses one 1.5V AAA(Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery
  • 76.2mm(Length) x14mm(Diameter)
  • 14.2-gram weight (excluding the battery)
  • Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
  • Reliable twist switch
  • Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating


Fenix E15

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I have written a complete review of the Fenix E15 everyday carry flashlight complete with photos illustrating the brightness of the Fenix E1 .  After you read my review, come back and check out the rest of the flashlights in this article.  This is my everyday carry flashlight.  It’s been tough, reliable and a great buy at less than $30.


Surefire Backup E1B

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Here’s what Surefire has to say about the Backup (E1B) Flashlight for EDC:

The EB1 Backup is an extremely compact yet powerful dual-output flashlight that can be used as a backup light for patrol officers or a duty light for plainclothes officers. It’s also ideal for everyday-carry, self-defense, or outdoor applications. The Backup features a virtually indestructible LED emitter and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that create a far-reaching focused beam optimized for situational awareness.  More info here.


Sunwayman M11R Cree XM-L U2 LED Flashlight

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Here is what Sunwayman says about the M11R:

If you’re looking for big performance in a compact package, look no further. SUNWAYMAN’s M11R is a remarkably engineered tool measuring at just under 3 inches (7.5cm) and powered by one 16340 battery. This is an ideal compact light for a keychain or pocket but don’t let the small size fool you. This solid, military spec hard anodized gear is as durable as they come and capable of producing an impressive 230 lumens in turbo mode. The M11R utilizes the patented Magnetic Control System (MCS) that has made the M line of flashlights so popular.  More info here


4sevens Mini ML

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Here’s what 4sevens says about the Mini ML flashlight:

Minis are perfect everyday carry lights with a simple twist interface. Durable construction and ample knurling for a sure grip make this a light that’s up for any challenge. Like all FOURSEVENS lights, Minis use the latest in LED technology to achieve incredible brightness for their size. http://www.foursevens.com/products/ML-AE

4sevens Mini ML Specs:

  • LED: CREE XP-G G2 Max Output: 180 Out-the-front (OTF) lumens
  • Material: Type-III Hard-Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Lens: Optical-grade glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both sides
  • Battery: One lithium CR123A (3V) – do not use rechargeable RCR123As
  • Seven Output Modes: Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (Hi), Beacon (Lo)



Streamlight Nano flashlight

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Here is what Streamlight says about the Nano flashlight:

Truly tiny, the Nano Light® is a weatherproof, personal flashlight featuring a 100,000 hour life LED. Includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain.

  • Easily attaches/detaches to just about anything with convenient pocket clip or key ring
  • Up to 8 hrs. run time
  • Machined aircraft-grade aluminum with anodized finish
  • Powered by 4 alkaline button cells (included)
  • 100,000 hr. lifetime high-intensity LED
  • LED available in white (10 lumens)
  • 1.47″ x .51″
  • .36 oz.
  • Available in black

More info here…


Streamlight Microstream

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Here’s what Streamlight says about their Microstream flashlight:

Utilizing the latest C4® LED technology this ultra compact and lightweight flashlight is optimized for output and run time.

  • C4® LED technology, with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • Unbreakable and scratch resistant polycarbonate lens.
  • Up to 683 candela peak beam intensity, 28 lumens typical, 2.25 hours runtime.
  • One “AAA” alkaline battery.
  • Push button tail switch – momentary or constant on operation.
  • Tailcap switch for momentary on/off. O-ring sealed, shock proof and drop-tested construction. Water resistant per IPX4; in accordance with specification EN 60529:1992. High Strength “Break Away” safety lanyard. Unbreakable pocket clip.
  • L x D: 3.5″ x .6″ (90 x 15 mm)
  • 1.04 oz (29.7 g)
  • Matte Black

More info here…


Nitecore EA4 Pioneer

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Here’s what Nitecore has to say about the EA4 Pioneer:

  • Novel ‘Unique Integrated Technology’ offers a more sturdy and lightweight body.
  • Utilizes a CREE XM-L U2 LED
  • Maximum output of up to 860 lumens
  • Integrated “Precision Digital Optics Technology” provides extreme reflector performance
  • Boasts a peak beam intensity of 20,000cd and a throw distance of up to 283 meters
  • Innovative single button two-stage switch offers a user-friendly interface (patented)
  • Eight rapidly switchable brightness modes to select from
  • High efficiency circuit board provides up to 22 hours runtime
  • Integrated power indicator light displays remaining battery power (patented)
  • Power indicator’s secondary function displays battery voltage (accurate to 0.1V)
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents damage due to incorrectly inserted batteries
  • Stainless steel retaining ring protects the core components from damage
  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
  • Sturdy HAIII military grade hard-anodized
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (two meters submersible)
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
  • Tail stand capability

More info from Nitecore here


Eagletac D25C Mini

(click image to enlarge)

What Eagletac has to say about the D25C Mini:

D25C Mini runs for 50 (and up) hours on its lowest 3 lumen brightness level. The current regulated and non-PWM dimming circuit design allows constant and non-flashing output throughout its runtime for all output levels.

At turbo mode (highest brightness level), D25C Mini current regulates for one hour using one EagleTac CR123A battery.

More info from Eagletac


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