Tactical flashlight strobe features for self defense and survival

Nitecore SRT7 smartring tacticalThe tactical flashlight strobe capability gives you additional self-defense capabilities that a standard flashlight just won’t give you.  It’s pretty obvious that a tactical flashlight (particularly those lights of 500 lumens or higher) shined in the eyes of an intruder can be a great self defense technique.  A tactical light at high setting in flashlight strobe mode adds another dimension that can be extremely disorienting to an attacker.  This might buy you some valuable seconds that allow you to get to cover or perform some other defensive (or offensive) maneuver.  The bottom line is anything you can do to distract and disorient an attacker the better chance you have at survival.

Everyone has had the experience of walking into a pitch dark room, turning on a light and physically felt your eyes re-adjust to the sudden introduction of a light source.  The flashlight strobe heightens that effect.  It can also direct an attackers aggression away from your center mass.  Hold your strobe out away from your body while you handle your weapon with your strong hand.

The other way some tactical flashlights employ a strobe is for survival situations.  In this case, the tactical flashlight will emit a high powered strobe effect but at a much lower rate than a conventional flashlight strobe setting.  Generally, the flashlight strobe will flash once every two or three seconds.  This type of flash acts like a signal beacon, which is hopefully more visible from the air.

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