Super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens

These three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens should supply enough raw power to light up just about any situation you find yourself in.  Do you really need a super bright flashlight sporting over 3000 lumens?  In a search and rescue situation or a home defense situation they could come in handy.  Just realize most of these only run at full power for very limited times so read the specs closely before buying.

You know how your mom would yell at you about staring into the sun?  It should GO WITHOUT SAYING that you don’t want to shine any of these three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens into your eyes or anybody else’s eyes.  This thread on eye damage from flashlights  over at the Candlepower Forums should be enough to convince you of this.

Here are three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens

The following specs, photos, and video reviews cover the three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens that I was able to find.  If you know of any others, feel free to add a comment with

Nitecore TM26

Here are the key specs you need to know about the Nitecore TM26.  First TM stands for Tiny Monster.  Out of the three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens the Nitecore TM26 is the smallest.  The Tiny Monster is short and fat and fits in the palm of your hand.  It’s probably the closest thing to “tactical” of all of the flashlights featured in this post.  The key specification to be aware of is the length of time you can run the TM26 at the maximum output of 3500 lumens.  The Tiny Monster uses either 8 CR123A batteries or four rechargeable 18650 rechargeable batteries.  If you go with the CR123A batteries the TM26 will run one hour at the “turbo mode” of 3500 lumens.  If you go the rechargeable route, the Nitecore TM26 will run 45 minutes at 3500 lumens.

The Nitecore TM26 Tiny Monster flashlight also features a very nice LED readout to ensure you know what mode you are running in and how much power is left in your set of batteries.  A thermal protection circuit is used to prevent the flashlight from overheating.  It even has a built in camera tripod mount so you can use it as a flood light for lighting up a specific area.

Nitecore TM26 Tiny Monster - super bright flashlights


Fenix RC40

The Fenix RC40 is one of the three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens that looks the most like a conventional flashlight.  It would be a great flashlight to have in your home for emergency situations.  This would also be a good flashlight for search and rescue tasks as well.  If your ultimate goal is to see and be seen the RC40 will definitely fit that bill.  The Fenix RC40 is an extremely bright 3500 lumens.  In it’s “turbo” mode the RC40 will run 1.5 hours at 3500 lumens.  It uses a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery.  The RC40 has a 710 meter throw.

Fenix RC40 - super bright flashlights


Powertac X3000

The Powertac X3000 is a 3000 lumen palm-sized flashlight.  It is powered by 3 18650 rechargeable batteries.  The Powertac X3000 runtime at 3000 lumens is 1.2 hours.  It is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and of the three super bright flashlights over 3000 lumens it is also the most economical and less than $300 dollars.

Powertac X3000 - super bright flashlights

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